Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That is what the people of the South are calling this winter storm that landed yesterday. Fortunately here in north Alabama we only got a few flurries. But 90 miles south in Birmingham, four inches of snow and ice shut down the city, stranding many weary citizens. My son, Ben, spent the night at his office. I was glad that he was safe inside and not out on the road. Katy and the children will be happy for him to get home, hopefully this afternoon.  Daughter in law, Nancy, was in Atlanta for business with a co worker and managed to make it to shelter around ten last night.  I am so thankful for all those churches and businesses who offered shelter to those caught in the storm. I know four inches does not sound like a lot of snow to my northern friends but we have virtually NO snow removal here as we seldom need it. The salt trucks did not get out on the roads in time to de ice the roads leading to many accidents. Atlanta was just as bad  and worse because it is a big city and lots of people were caught unawares. Pray that today the sun will melt this mess and allow everyone to be on their way. I read that a baby girl was born on I 285 in Atlanta yesterday as mom could not get to the hospital. Several suggested she be named Peri, short for The Perimeter as 285 is known in Atlanta.  That mom will have quite the story to tell her little one as she grows up!


Terri D. said...

Glad you and yours are all safe! It is certainly an unexpected mess for lots and lots of people. Take care!!

Mrs.T said...

Wow, Arlene! What a mess! So happy to hear that Ben was able to stay the night in his office and so keep safe. We have family in the Mobile area, in the Atlanta area and in Tallahassee, so we have been thinking of you folks in the not-so-sunny South!

Hope Marvin is making good progress in his recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Marvin are doing well today.
We are thawing out this afternoon, thankfully.