Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thawing Out

Well it is a very chilly morning here in NoALA(North Alabama). But we are heartened to know the temps should climb to the 40s today and will melt the snow and ice that has plagued much of the deep South.  My son got home yesterday!! He walked part of the way and a good Samaritan took him the rest of the way. I have heard so many stories of people who were out there helping the stranded out water and sandwiches, towing people up hills etc. Apparently the weathermen are saying that this storm changed course and hit so suddenly that the local weathermen could not warn people in time. We have gotten rather lax about listening to the weathermen as so often they call for snow then nothing happens. This was a good wake up call for all of us in the South. Be weather wary!! I think Nancy will make it home from Atlanta today as well. So glad of the protection of my family in this winter storm.

Marvin and I are off to therapy this morning. He is doing well with rehab....walking around the house with a cane instead of a walker. I am beginning to make him do more for himself this week. It is a good way to build strength and confidence in his new knee. Have a blessed day friends...thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates.
Wishing you both a nice weekend.

Terri D. said...

I am so happy to hear Marvin is doing so well with his new knee! Also happy that your missing family members are finding their way safely home. This weather has taken a lot of people by surprise.

WCManager said...

Glad to hear that Marvin is doing better. I heard about Nancy and Ben being stuck in the storm. Hannah & I were in the traffic for 3 1/2 hours trying to get home from Dalton. Don't care to do that again. Take care of Marvin and spoil him a little while he is recovering. Love you both.