Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Not So Sunny South!

Well we are going to receive some of the coldest air since the early 1990s  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Schools are already calling for a late start on all three days so children are not standing out at bus stops in the bitter cold. Hey, I think we should all hibernate for those three days. Our Southern blood is just not up to doing battle with those kinds of temps.  My heart goes out to all my blog friends in the north who are dealing with bitter temps as well as snow.

Today is a nice sunny day with temps in the mid 40s so I am going to run out to do a few errands before we are forced inside!! Marvin and I have been inside all of the Christmas break as his bad knee has been bothering him. We saw our friendly orthopedist, Scott, and he gave him a steroid shot in the knee and scheduled Marvin for a total knee replacement on January 20th. Prayers will be appreciated! Marvin says that the knee replacement could not hurt any more than his knee hurt these last two weeks. I hope( and pray) that he will do great and this will be a life changing event. He injured his knee thirty years ago and had surgery on his ACL so we knew a knee replacement was in the future. Turns out the future is NOW.

I need to cross stitch a birth sampler for Elliott so while I am tending to Marvin I hope to get that completed as well as a few other projects.  Have a blessed Saturday Friends...stay warm!!


Anonymous said...

Marvin is on my prayer list. :-)

Oh I wish our temperatures were there. Thankfully, we will have a reprieve from the cold tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Praying all goes well with the surgery. I always enjoyed cross stitching. I'll look forward to seeing Elliott's sampler.