Thursday, February 27, 2014

Foyle's War

While Marvin was recuperating from his knee replacement, we started watching this wonderful series. It tells the story of WW2 from the home front perspective. While the soldiers of WW2 are praised as The Greatest Generation, the people of England must be given their due for holding firm against Hitler when other countries around them were capitulating!  As the series opens, war has been declared and many want to do their part in the war effort. Christopher Foyle, local police chief inspector, wants to join the military. He is told he is too old for that and besides, he will be needed to keep order in Hastings. Foyle finds that there is much to do in his own town. Food and other necessities are in short supply and the black market takes full advantage of the opportunity to make money at the expense of others. Spies and propaganda abound as well. Inspector Foyle, in his calm unhurried manner, sees to all these crimes with a sharp wit and wise discernment.

I suppose that I had never stopped to think of the horrors of war on the homefront and this series brings to light all the hardships the English people faced during these long years.  Many were killed and lost their homes during the bombings. With no supplies or man power to rebuild, you did not have a choice but to move on.  And the German propaganda that raged in England caused many to feel that England just could not win no matter what Churchill said!  This series is very well researched and presented. If you enjoy mysteries with a historical twist, you will enjoy Foyle's War.

A much needed friend day today!! We are heading to Red Lobster for lunch. I need time with my girls, to chat, discuss and swap books and just relax. I am so glad I have friend day to look forward to each week. Tomorrow I get to see my MOPS girls as I am on a panel about marriage. After almost 38 years, I hope I have something to share with these young wives.  And it is supposed to be warm this weekend!! Yippee! I will take a taste of spring whenever I can get it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review; very thought provoking.
Have a lovely time out today. Clear and cold here this a.m.

Terri D. said...

Joe and I love Acorn TV, and will have to look up this series! It sounds like one we would really enjoy.

I have lunch with my girlfriends tomorrow! It's always fun to spend time with them, and catch up on their news! Warmer weather is also good news!