Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings....

One of the things I have enjoyed about having Marvin home recuperating is that we can sleep in most mornings. It seems to me that we both sleep better knowing we do not have to get up at the crack of dawn. We are up early this morning as Marvin has therapy at 10. He continues to do well with his rehab. We have started doing ice four times a day as that seems to help the stiffness in the knee. We have a neat machine that we brought home from the hospital that looks like a small cooler. You fill it with ice and water and it pumps cold water through tubes up to a piece that velcros over the knee. I am thinking it may be handy for back pain and neck pain as well.

We see our favorite orthopedist, Scott, tomorrow to get the staples out of Marvin's knee. As a thank you for his good care of us, I am making a whipping cream pound cake to take to him. I have my butter and eggs out on the counter to come to room temp while we are at therapy. I am going to run by Hobby Lobby to pick up a cake box to pack it in.

And that Super Bowl...I did not watch but Mar watched most of it and then told me that we could just turn it to Downton Abbey as the game was a stinker!!  Last night's DA was interesting. I was so sorry for Edith when she was talking with Robert and told him she knew she was not his darling daughter. I think many of the choices Edith has made arise from the middle child syndrome.  One of my favorite scenes was of Tom, Isabel and Mary in the nursery as they recounted their feelings of love for their spouses. Aren't we the lucky ones? Isabel reminds them.

Well it is a chilly cloudy day here in NoAla but I will take that any day over last week's weather!! Have a blessed day friends.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, that icing contraption sounds great. I will mention it to my husband.

I am glad that today Marvin gets the staples out. I hope that it will make him more comfortable.

Yum cake!

I loved that scene in DA as well. I wonder what happened to Edith's "beau"?? I think he ditched her. (yikes!)

Terri D. said...

We switched to Downton Abbey, too. It was especially good last night. We just love that show! The football game was SO boring. No excitement at all.

The ice gadget sounds great!