Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi 2014

Like many of you, Marvin and I will be watching the opening ceremony for the winter olympics this evening. I have always enjoyed the winter Olympics. I guess women's figure skating has been the main draw for me. I remember Dorothy Hamill back in 1976 as she skated away with the gold. I also remember her haircut that every girl in the USA began adopting. I admit, I had mine cut that way once but it did not look like Dorothy's beautiful locks!!  Then came Kristi Yamaguchi...what a talented and beautiful skater! Next was Michelle Kwon, it broke my heart that she did not win an Olympic gold medal. Now I am pulling for Gracie Gold!!

 I will have to take some time off from the Olympics next week to watch the Westminster Kennel Club show with all the lovely dogs. While I love dogs, I do not have one as they are such a committment. However, I love to watch those beautiful dogs strut their stuff up in NYC.  If I ever have another dog, I think I would like an English Shepherd. They are such pretty and loyal dogs.

Well we are off to therapy again today! Then a grocery store run and some baking this afternoon. I might get in some reading as well. Yesterday I had lunch with my best girls and they loaded me up with more books!! We all like to read and we swap books with each other. I may not have to go to the library for weeks!!


Anonymous said...

How nice to share books with friends. Sounds like you have a busy day. I love figure skating too. Hope you both enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, Robert and I are watching the opening ceremony right now. It can't quite compare to China's. I remember that Dorothy Hamill hair cut. It would NOT look good on me.

I am looking forward to your book reviews.

Have a lovely evening,

Rose (new blog w/pen name)