Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Old Church at Mooresville

 Mooresville, Alabama is the oldest town in our state. It is about a twenty minute drive from Decatur and I love to go there and make pictures! This photo of the old church in the snow with the brilliant blue sky is just magnificent. The town of Mooresville posted it on their website so I had to share it.
 Here is a picture of Kendall when she was four, made in front of the massive doors to the church.
 Kendall and a two year old Landon!
 Getting a good picture of Landon is always a challenge!!

Now if I could get all my grands over there to make some pictures...that would be my dream come true! Getting a picture of our five is like trying to herd cats so if it happens it will be a miracle.


Anonymous said...

That church is lovely and aren't the doors pretty. What sweet grandchildren. Hope you round them up for a photo shoot this spring!

Anonymous said...

Herding cats! :-)

What a beautiful church!