Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happies Part 2

I was able to deliver Happies to my friends, Terry and Amy, yesterday as we lunched together!

While I was strolling through the Easter Section at Target the other day, I came upon these pretty paper products. I picked up a package of large Easter paper plates along with a dessert size plate and cute cocktail napkins.  I stacked them up, tied them with tulle and added a gift card.  I thought they were very cheery!! The ladies were happy with them so that made my day. It is truly so much fun to give little gifts that bring light to a loved one's day.( Keep some rolls of tulle on hand in your gift wrapping supplies. I find it makes any gift look extra can find all colors of tulle at Hobby Lobby.)

This Easter Season, I decided I was going to share Easter Cards with my friends and family. Back in March, I started collecting cards from various stores and stashing them in my stationery box! What fun to choose special cards for special people!( I know cards are pricey these days but I have to say that I found some lovely Easter Cards at Dollar General Store. Some were 2 for a $1 and the most expensive were $1. Dollar General will be getting a lot of my card business from now on!!) I think cards qualify as Happies too. Who does not like to open the mailbox and see a handwritten envelope hiding among the generic mail? I have three big hat boxes on top of the armoire in my bedroom and they hold notes and letters from over 30 years. Every now and then I love to take them down and read through the lines written by friends and family. Some of them have gone home to be with the Lord so their cards are so precious to me now.

In closing, I had to share some of the cute cookies and candies I picked up at Mel's Sweet Treats yesterday. Mel's is THE place to go if you are looking for a yummy treat or a little happy for a friend. I have already eaten the top half of my bunny!! Marvin is not feeling well so his bunny remains intact. I also got some Martha Washington Truffles. Samples of the Truffles were out for customers to try and it convinced me I had to get one for me and one for Marvin. They taste like the homemade Easter Egg Candy that Mama G would make for us at Easter Time.  Mel's Sweet Treats serves yummy lunches as well and Terry, Amy and I can testify to that.  If you live in the Decatur area, check out this "sweet" store.


Anonymous said...

What bright and cheerful happies you created. Those bunnies look especially tasty. Sorry to hear Marvin does not feel well.

How grand that you have saved cards/letters from special people and can enjoy seeing their handwriting and special messages again.

I certainly appreciated the lovely Easter card. It made my week!

God bless you both.

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad you liked your card Mildred!!! I love my blog friends!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, those bunny cookies are adorable! I am curious as to what Martha Washington truffles taste like!