Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Last night was a stormy one for the residents of NoAla. We had been warned that Monday and Tuesday would be bad days. So we were watching the skies. I had a dental appointment in Huntsville at ten am so I drove over there to get my dental work completed. My dentist relayed to me that all afternoon appointments had been does not take much to get someone to put off going to the dentist he joked. I had a few errands to run and the sky was clear so I did not get home until one o'clock in the afternoon. Around four the weather began to turn nasty. Marvin came home from work and I texted all my children to make sure they were safe.  Priceville just had rain, thunder and lightning but to our north several communities took a direct hit. Two people were killed in Athens. They lived in a mobile home park and refused to go to the storm shelter. Many of our communities have storm shelters open during tornado weather. Some folks have had small tornado shelters built on their property. Check out my blog friend Myra's post at My Blessed Life,she had a shelter installed just recently. Most of us Southerners have a healthy respect for tornadoes. After the terrible storms of three years ago, most Alabama residents have a tornado plan and have learned to have extra supplies on hand in case the electricity was off for multiple days.

Ben, Katy and their little ones were in their basement at 11:45 last night when I got a text asking me to pray as a large tornado was on the path to their home in Bluff Park.  Katy texted me about ten minutes later to tell me that the tornado fizzled out before reaching them!! Thank you God for answered prayers!!

Local schools are out today. I will have Landon and Kendall here with me unless Amelia's work place is closed.  Poor Landon is not feeling well but we are not sure if his pediatrician will be open today. Everyone is in the batten down the hatches mindset. More storms are predicted for this afternoon. Please say a prayer for us!!


Terri D. said...

Here is Florida, we have hurricane plans - but also have to deal with tornadoes, too. They easily spin off the hurricanes. After being without power (but thankfully had a roof over our heads) we bought a generator. We keep our supplies current. Can't be too careful. Glad you and yours are all safe. Prayers go out for those suffering loss. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I will definitely be praying for everyone. Tornadoes are so unpredictable and scary! {{HUGS}}

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks Friends...fortunately my little town was spared but 15 miles to the north, people lost homes and two lost their lives. When you live in Alabama, tornados are a way of life but you never get used to dealing with them.

Rob Puzio said...

Tornado, thunderstorm, and more storms – This is a scary experience. I hope it will not continue for a long time, so you can visit the pediatrician and have Landon checked out. That, and so you can go back to your regular routine and attend appointments such as your dentist.


Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Rob!! While going to the dentist is not my favorite thing, I have a great dentist who makes the experience much more tolerable!! I saw on your google profile that you work in the dental field!!:)