Thursday, April 24, 2014

Looking Forward to an Oily Evening

I have lots of blogs I enjoy reading. You will see most of them on my sidebar listed in an orderly fashion. One of my favorite blogs is My Blessed Life. Myra writes about all the things I like, home, decorating, faith and family. Some of her posts share about her love for Young Living Essential Oils. I would read them and think, Well that is nice for her but I am skeptical.  In nursing school, we were taught to have a rationale for every treatment that we performed on our patients. That rationale was backed up by lots of research in our text books.  Then another blog friend, Jenn, who writes Sweet T Makes Three, got onboard the oily wagon.  From my time as a mentor at our MOPs group, I knew that many young moms were becoming more pro active and adventurous in caring for their families. Many moms were sick of their kiddos being sick all the time and were tired of the constant stream of antibiotics that physicians prescribed. And I agree with them that too many antibiotics are a bad thing. It can lead to resistance to the drugs and it can certainly wreak havoc with a little one's intestinal track. I was beginning to wonder what this oily business was all about.  So I ordered a Young Living Essential Oil starter kit hoping it would help me to find relief from the insomnia that plagues so many aging baby boomers.  Using Lavender and Lemon in my diffuser every night has helped me to sleep once again. I branched out into using Thieves oil to help protect myself against the bugs that seemed to be everywhere in February and March here in NoAla. And then on to using Thieves Cleaner to replace all the chemical cleaners that were fuming up my home on cleaning day.  My husband who calls me An OLD HIPPIE, loves the Peppermint oil. He suffers from night time stuffiness and Peppermint oil has helped him with that. He also likes the diffuser as it helps him to sleep better as well.  Now I have had time to do more research and reading on oils and their uses and I have become a believer in being proactive with oils. They cannot replace all medications...I would never advocate for a person to give up their essential meds. I take medication for hypertension and thyroid issues and I will continue to take them as my physician has prescribed them. But I am all for being healthier  and I think the oils promote a healthy lifestyle.

When my friend, Jenn, suggested that we do a YLEO party here at my home, I was on board. I want to share what I have found with my friends!!

Here is my door prize basket...filled with samples of Young Living Essential Oil Products. I can certainly endorse the Detox baths. Add some essential oil to Epsom Salts, take a nice relaxing 20 minute soak in the tub and you will be ready for your jammies and a nice soft bed.  I also included a few other samples of YLEO products. I am hoping all my friends find that essential oils can make a difference in their lives! Looking forward to some fun, fellowship and lots of learning this evening!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the oils. Have a good time tonight.

Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Can't wait! Going to have lots of oily fun.

Terri D. said...

I believe in essential oils! Tea Tree doesn't smell very good, but it works great on rashes and bites. Lavender, of course! Glad you found them!

Arlene Grimm said...

I am just starting my Oily Journey but I am still amazed when they work!! Lavender and Lemon are two of my favorites, along with Thieves and Peace and Calming!!