Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 As I approach my last year in my fifties, I cannot help but think that if Thirtysomething had a reunion, it would be called Sixtysomething!! Thirtysomething is one of my favorite tv shows of all time. I have all four seasons on dvd and  I still enjoy visiting Michael, Hope, Elliott, Nancy, Gary, Melissa and Ellyn. I was 30 something when it was aired on ABC and Marvin and I never missed an episode. I could really identify with many of the things the tv characters struggled with!
 I had to add this picture of Susannah and Gary...even though most people hated Susannah, I really kinda liked her. And Gary's could have had a show of its own!!
My favorite character was Nancy. Patricia Wettig played this character perfectly. Nancy went from one of the background characters to a major player in the series as her character grew as a person.  When she went through cancer, I think all the fans were pulling for her!! And Gary's unexpected death...what a shocker. I belong to a 30 something fan group and it has been discussed on the site, where would the characters be today if there were a 30something reunion?  Several people commented that Gary would still be dead. I saw this photo online the other day...all the characters as they appear today. They look older but pretty good for people entering their sixth decade. I hope we have all grown older and wiser!!


Anonymous said...

I remember the show but never watched it. It is always fun to see how actors have changed over the years.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.

Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

I had THE biggest crush on Peter Horton when that show ran!! I even dated a guy who looked a lot like him - quite the opposite of my clean cut husband. Yes, they need to make a sixtysomething. :)

Arlene Grimm said...

Mildred, the weather here is fabulous today! And Kelly, Gary was a hottie! He has not aged as well as some of the others. In fact all the guys look kind of rough!!!:)