Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spotlight Award

We were so proud of Kendall for being honored with a Spotlight Award at her school! The awards were given out last night at the local mall. As you can see she is happy to be a spotlight!!

Unfortunately Nana and Grandpa could not be there to see her receive her award as we were home with poor Bubba. Landon had been running a fever so I took him in to see his pediatrician, Dr D. Strep throat was the diagnosis so he was with me sleeping on the sofa as sissy got her kuddos.  Dr D says she has seen several children with strep who present with high fever but no sore throat!! Go figure. Glad we took Landon in and got him started on an antibiotic.

The good news is Nana and Grandpa will be able to see both children play their first ball games on Saturday! I see lots of time at the ball fields in our future.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Kendall!

Hope Landon feels better soon.

The weather seems about perfect for ball games. Hope you have a nice time on Sat.

Anonymous said...

Poor Landon. I hope that he is better soon. Kendall looks so happy with her award! The ball game should be fun! Take lots of pictures!