Friday, April 18, 2014

Waiting for Sunday!!

Up From the Grave He Arose is one of my favorite Easter hymns!! Thanks to my friend, Curt, for sharing this image on his Facebook Page so that I could share it on my blog.

If you have not seen the video, The Easter Hallelujah by Kelley Mooney.....please google it and listen. Tears ran down my face as I listened to this beautiful rendition of a secular song. Leonard Cohen wrote the song, Hallelujah and Kelley Mooney wanted to write a spiritual version of Jesus's death and resurrection using his music. Well all I can say is that she did an outstanding job.(Miss Mooney did wait two years to get his mechanical rights to the music so she followed all the rules!) I downloaded The Easter Hallelujah to my Itunes and I know I will listen to it quite a bit this weekend. My hubs, Mar, who is a music expert, agreed with me that this is a great song.

I am going to take tomorrow off to celebrate the Easter weekend. We have Kendall's 8th birthday party tomorrow and all my children and grandchildren will be there so I am one happy camper.  Hoping to get a photo of all five children together. Kendall has offered to hold Elliott!!  I am going to take my sis in law's suggestion and carry a bag of skittles to pass out to get them to sit and cooperate.

Have a blessed Easter dear friends. He is Risen!! He is Risen Indeed!!


Terri D said...

I heard that song yesterday, on Facebook, and it is hauntingly beautiful. She wrote excellent lyrics to the music.

Have a wonderful celebration with your family!! I can't wait to see photos!

Have a happy and blessed Easter!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Terri!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, dear Arlene! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party for the little grand!