Friday, May 16, 2014


The first of my birthday celebrations began yesterday!

Deborah, Susan and I started the cool and cloudy morning at Sweet Pea Antiques in Falkville. It is a small shop but they have lots of neat things inside and outside!!

Here is something all of us girls(ladies!) wanted to take home. Do we ever get tired of doll houses? I had one similar to this as a child. It was not this big but I loved playing with it. Wish I still had it!

We then had lunch at Mama's Road House. They have delicious Angus beef on tne menu and we were surprised to find that one of the families at our church supplies some of the beef!!

Here we are enjoying our steaks!! The waitress offered to give me a shout out for my birthday but I declined!

After a delicious dessert of Cappucino Cake at Deborah's lovely Falkville home, I met my Titus Ladies for a visit at Panera. We had a good time as usual. Then it was time to go to Landon's preschool graduation ...a busy day from start to finish!

One of my Facebook friends posted this little quote the other day....Some Friends are a Blessing and Some Friends are a Lesson. So glad I have lots of Blessings in my Life!!


Terri D said...

A busy, but fun day! Great photos! You go to some of the most interesting places!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday weekend! I'd love to visit the Sweet Pea Antique store. So sweet! As is the photograph of you and your friends. Have an especially lovely weekend!

PS Thank you so much for the cup of tea card! :-)

Billie Jo said...

Well, hello!
And happy almost birthday!
Thanks for visiting...I see you like Gone With The Wind...
And my one and only son's name is Rhett. : )
I would have used Scarlett, but my mother used it for my sister. : )
I also see you read Dawn's lovely blog...By Sun and Candlelight. That was the very first blog I ever read. I enjoy it so.
Have a wonderful birthday, and I will be following you through email. :.)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit and celebrate with me girls. Today Marvin took me to get my iphone updated. I had a 3 and now the 5s are out so I have spent the morning updating my apps and honing my skills on my new phone. Technology is something we have to keep up with and it is a trial!!