Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nerds Like Words

I have always had a fondness for words. As a child I remember reading It Pays to Increase Your Word Power in the Reader's Digest that my grandfather subscribed to back in the 60s.  You may remember this Reader's Digest Monthly Feature....there was a list of words and you picked the definition from a, b or c. I was always thrilled when I knew the definitions. I am still fond of words as most nerds ( or nerd princesses are!).

I recently read a book (The Book Store) that featured quite a few words I was not familiar with and that bothered me as I feel I have a good vocabulary. However even at the end of my fifth decade, I still consider myself a learner. So I looked up the words on Google. This led to my sharing of my recent knowledge with my two friends who read as much if not more than I do! I asked them if they looked up words they did not know. One friend told me that she just looked at the word in the context of the sentence and she could figure out what the author meant by using that word.  My other friend said she usually looked up words she did not recognize. When I quizzed them with the words that had given me trouble, I was thankful to find out that they did not know the words either!!

So here are the words that sent me to you know them?
Plinth, blazon, elegaic,hegemony, quotidian, brio were found in The Book Store and here is one from the book, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin...Panglossian.

Here are the definitions I found on Google.
Plinth...base or platform on which a column or statue rests
Blazon...coat of arms
Elegaic...a mournful quality
Hegemony...influence or control over another group of people
Quotidian...something that occurs every day
Brio...casually elegant who views the world as smooth and uncorrupted

Some writers like to use ten dollar words when a one dollar word would do but hey, it pays to increase your word power!!


Terri D said...

Well, I thought I had a pretty good vocabulary, too, and still look at that section of Reader's Digest. But - I had never heard of any of those words! My goodness!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I know Terri!! But now I know those words if I come across them again. I can also compliment people by telling them they look "BRIO" today!!