Monday, May 12, 2014

Prairie Home Companion...Finally

Marvin and I have listened to Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio for 30 something years. Marvin's Grimm family is from Minnesota so he really enjoyed Mr Keillor's tales of the Minnesota bachelor farmers, the folks at the Lutheran church and various other characters in the fictional town of Lake Woebegon, Minnesota. I just liked it because it was funny!  We have wanted to see Prairie Home Companion in a live performance for years but the minute the tickets are posted for sale, the show SELLS OUT. This year, Marvin got online and was able to snatch a pair for us. So off we went on Saturday to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennesse to mark another item off our bucket list.

Here we are just outside te Ryman, waiting for the doors to open. this is our Selfie....old people are not as good at selfies as the younger generation! When do you smile, are we both in the

This bus belongs to Mr Brad Paisley who was a surprise, last minute guest on the show. We both love Brad so this was just icing on the cake for us. This was our first trip to the Ryman Auditorium which I have heard about since I was a little girl. Country Music on tv late Saturday afternoons was a ritual at my house...Flatt and Scruggs, Porter Wagner to name a few. To see the stage at the Grand Ole Opry where Ernest Tubbs, Hank Williams and Minnie Pearl put on shows was exciting for me. And now that Marvin and I know how easy it is to get to the Opry, we will be returning sometime in the near future.

Here is the backdrop for the show...we could only take a small camera inside so pardon the quality of the photographs. I sure wish I had been able to photograph with my DSL.

And a rather blurry Mr Keillor!!  The show was wonderful...every guest was great and of course to hear about another week in Lake Woebegon was a delight for us.

On Mother's Day, Marvin treated me to breakfast at the Loveless Cafe...then back home to Decatur with lots of wonderful memories.


Terri D said...

How exciting and wonderful!!! Going to Nashville is on my bucket list, too. Maybe one of these days! So glad you also got to see Brad Paisley! WOW!!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I know Terri!! We were thrilled to hear Brad perform. Nashville is a very easy city to navigate as well.