Friday, May 30, 2014


Summertime is upon us and I thought in honor of the beginning of this fabulous season I would share this picture of the milkshakes we got last Saturday at Borrum's Drug Store in downtown Corinth, MS.  Summertime means lots of cold creamy treats will be eaten in Grimmland.  Marvin and I discovered this unique eatery thanks to a friend at church who shared the secret with us! These milk shakes are the best I have ever had and remind me of the shakes I used to drink as a little girl! Borrums uses the old fashioned milk shake machines and I think that makes the difference.

Our summer will be a busy one. Kendall and Landon have Vacation Bible School next week at their church.  I have many wonderful memories of VBS at Cool Springs Baptist Church. Cookies and Kool Aid taste great after a morning of Bible Stories and Crafts. Today's VBS looks much different as they all have Themes and wonderful decorations.  I think children today would find the VBS of the 1960s pretty tame compared to the VBS of 2014.

June also brings Marvin's Savannah High School's Class of 1969 Reunion.  We will be traveling to Mar's hometown where we will have three days of fun activities to attend. We will be staying with some of Mar's longtime friends while we are in town. We will also get to attend a going away party for Mar's brother, William, his wife, Barbara and their youngest son, Douglas. The Savannah Grimms will become the Brevard NC Grimm's in July. William is retiring and Barbara is taking a job as principal of a school there.

July means the 4th and lots of good food cooked on the grill. July means vacation too as the whole Grimm family will be going to spend a week together at Gulf Shores. I have already started buying some sand toys and beach towels for the grands. My friend, Jamie, at the Funky Peacock is monogramming the beach towels for each grand so there is no confusion or fussing over who's towel is who's!! I got Margaret and Kendall the same towel as I KNOW those girlies. They would be fussing over who got the "prettiest" towel if I had selected different patterns. Boys...not a problem as they do not care at all about that kind of silliness.

August will be the return to school. Believe it or not, Kendall and Landon will start back to school in early August. Apparently this allows the children to have fall and spring breaks!! Another change from when I was a child...spring break was Good Friday! Now days children need a break from school...they are more delicate than we were as young ones.

So my calendar is filling up and I have to say I am looking forward to a few lazy days of Summer.


Anonymous said...

Cool Springs Baptist in Gainesville??? Our new home is practically within walking distance of that church!

Those milkshakes look good. I saw an old fashioned milkshake machine at an antique store recently.

Sounds like a great summer.

Terri D said...

Wow - you took us through summer and right into fall! LOL

Your schedule sounds like a lot of fun, and full of family and lots of love! I'll look forward to photos and stories over the next few months!