Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On My Bedside Table, Literally!!

I went to one of my favorite shops in Decatur, Memi's, to purchase a wedding gift and I saw this pretty pottery angel. I am a complete pushover for unique pottery items and I picked up this lovely piece to bring home with me.  I placed it on the lamp on my bedside table and then I took some pictures of it to share here on my blog.

I love my bedside tables. I purchased a pair of them from my friend, Susan, when she was selling some things that had belonged to her mom.  Marvin's table is not as cute as mine so I will not show it to you!:) The milk glass piece in front of the lamp was given to me by my Grandmother Henderson. I use it to hold pens, pencils and book marks.

Pictures of the grands as well as a picture of Nancy and Charles in their Chinese wedding photos that they had made before they came home to be married here in the USA.  My stack of library books as well as a note pad that a dear blog friend send to me. I always seem to think of things when I lay down to read or to go to sleep. Now I can jot down my thoughts so I do not forget them.

I also keep some of my YLEO's on my bedside. You never know when you might need them.

You can see one of my Cat Who books peeking out here as well as the pretty Lilly Pulitzer style monogrammed notebook I purchased from Amanda at Dixie Delights. In addition to blogging, Amanda has a cute Etsy store. This little notebook holds inspirational thoughts as well as articles I see in magazines that I might want to look back on one day.

And today is the birthday of my daughter, Amelia. On July 2, 1980, it was hot as blazes outside as we sped to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. At 4:10 am, ten minutes after we arrived at the hospital, I was holding my only daughter in my arms.  Kendall and Landon had fun shopping for Mommy yesterday at Target. Landon purchased her a card of earrings...five pairs of posts, all different colors. Kendall decided on two bottles of nail polish and a cute cup. She put the polishes in the cup  and then added a ribbon to the cup. We may have another Martha Stewart in the making! Both children made birthday cards for their mother and are looking forward to giving their gifts this morning. I am glad that they have such loving and giving hearts! I want to encourage that!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Amelia! What sweet gifts the grands chose for their mom.

I love your pottery angel and your bedside table.