Monday, July 14, 2014

The Season of Weddings

Summer is the season of weddings and this summer I know three happy couples who are pledging their love to each other.  Our Sunday School Class along with the family of the groom hosted a beautiful bridal tea for Ben and Kim, who will be married in Nashville on August 2nd.  One of Ben's cousins did all the flower arrangements and they were so lovely. I know I will be "stealing" her idea for table scapes!

This beautiful centerpiece anchored the food table. The flowers were from the family flower gardens and included blue hydrangeas, Queen Anne's lace and day lilies. Various forms of greenery was used as filler and the bouquet resided in a beautifully patinaed  watering can.

The table scapes for the guest tables were so lovely and quite inexpensive and easy to arrange. I so admire people who can come up with bright ideas.

The smaller tables around the perimeter of the room held Jackson vine and simple mason jars with votives.

This beautiful Fostoria punch bowl belonged to the groom's late grandmother and now belongs to his mom, Becky. Becky so graciously lets us borrow this beautiful punchbowl for any special even that our Sunday School Class hosts. The Jackson vine and blue hydrangeas look so pretty with the amber colored punch.

My sweet friend, Becky, Kim, the bride to be and Kim's mother, Sharon.  We are so fortunate that our church has such a lovely room that we can use for showers and receptions. The reception for my own sons and their brides was held in this same room five years ago.

And the groom showed up at the end of the party...such a handsome and nice young man. Prayers for a special wedding day for Ben and Kim as well as a long and happy married life.


Terri D. said...

A lovely couple and beautiful decorations! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love the vibrant colors of the flowers. :-)