Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beach Time

Every day we set out for the beach where we put up our umbrella and tent. Being the very WHITE person that I am, I need lots of sun protection. Son Charles got my genes in that department so he is careful in the sun as well. And of course, we did not want the grands to get a sun burn either!

You can see that our tent seemed to lean into the beach breeze! In the foreground you can see Margaret who really enjoyed the surf once she got accustomed to it.

My Landon man and me. I was glad to have my sun hat!!

Charles and Marvin in their matching Sun protective shirts.

Kendall enjoyed the boogie board.

See that clear water??? Beautiful and that little mermaid is cute as well.

Charles and Landon helped Kendall work on her Crab Hotel!! More pictures of that epic sand castle tomorrow.

Charles and Nancy dressed up for a night out to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. They struck a pose by the lagoon!( And every time I say Lagoon, I hear the Gilligan's Island Theme Song in my head!lol)

It is hard being a land lubber again..we sure did enjoy being beach bums.


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely family and it is nice to see your photos. It has been 15 years or more since we've been to the beach.

Anonymous said...
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Terri D. said...

Oh my, such a beautiful place, and what a good time you all had!! I have to use lots of sun screen, too. I don't tan, I just burn.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks friends...I have one more beach blog post and I will be done! It is fun to look back over the week in pictures. With School starting this week, seems it should be fall and it is just the first of August.