Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Charles!

Today is my youngest child's birthday. He is 31 years old but manages to keep a childlike joy that he shares with all of us.  If the Labor and Delivery rooms at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville Ky had not been full up 31 years ago yesterday, August 18th would have been his birthday. I was to be induced as he was ten days late and my blood pressure had started to climb. Now if he had been born on August 18th, he would have shared a birthday with Patrick Swazey, one of my favorite actors! However I had to wait until the 19th so he shares a birthday with Bill Clinton, one of my not so favorite presidents.:)

Fortunately Baptist East Hospital was south of the Mason Dixon line that runs through Kentucky so he was born a southerner like the rest of his family!

On Saturday, Dad and I were able to spend some time celebrating with Charles. We took Charles and Nancy to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, Five A's Cafe in Toney, Alabama. It is a nice Mediterranean restaurant and we enjoyed our meal there. Then it was back to Charles and Nancy's house to eat some Banana Pudding. Charles chose that instead of a cake! He was presented with the collage that Kendall made for him.  It is a Happy Birthday from all his family...and my we look thinner in the collage! Except for Elliott who resembles a Sumo baby. Now Kendall will have to make a collage for everyone for their birthdays.

Time seems to fly by so it is important to take the time to enjoy special days with special ones.


Anonymous said...

Great photo and sounds like a wonderful celebration!

Cranberry Morning said...

It does sound like a great birthday celebration! You're certain you couldn't have made it north of the Mason/Dixon Line so he could have been born a Yankee? ;-) Funny. Sweet post. Happy Birthday to him!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for joining the birthday festivities Mildred and Judy!!

Terri D said...

The collage is priceless!! I agree that birthdays are special and must be celebrated!! Each and every one of them, not just the "milestones"! Sounds like a great time was had by all!