Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ready for Soccer

Soccer Season is upon us! Landon is playing for a Priceville team and he is loving it. A local businessman paid for all the uniforms for Landon's team. I thought that was a wonderful jesture on his part. So far, Grandpa and Nana have not made it to one of the games but plans are being made for Saturday morning's game. At least the field is near the MacDonald's where I can get a giant size coffee to wake me up!!

Keeping hydrated is important! Those bright blue uniforns look great with Landon's pretty blue eyes.

Listening to the coach is also important in any sport.

Having a good buddy on your team is encouraging. Thanks to Cassie for this great picture of Landon and his friend, Reid.

Mommy and Kendall are cheering Bubba on!

Tara, Daddy and Raegan were at the game too. I love this picture of Raegan loving on Kendall. Such sweet sisters.

So far Landon's team has won two games...much different from our baseball experience!


Anonymous said...

How fun! A big, hot cup of coffee will be welcome at one of those early a.m. games. So sweet to see how loving your grands are.

Terri D said...

Such joyful photos!! Watching the little ones play soccer is so much fun....more fun than the older kids who are so serious about it. I would need a giant cup of coffee, too!! Have fun!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for the sweet comments Ladies. I am not an early morning Soccer fan but for Landon, I will force myself.