Friday, August 22, 2014

Terrific Thursday

This week has been one that I will always remember. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, a good friend of mine lost her 18 year old son on Saturday. This week I was able to minister to her family in a small way by organizing a brunch at our church for the family before the visitation started at eleven on Wednesday. So many people in our church have gathered around this precious family to love on them at this tragic time.  Yesterday I was just emotionally spent but some events of the day picked up my spirit.

First thing Thursday morning, I had breakfast with my friend, Susan. Being with my best friends is always a balm for my soul.

I went for groceries and guess what I found in the magazine aisle?

I love Southern Lady magazine and this Autumn in the South is also published by Hoffman Media so I know I will enjoy looking at it later. I am saving them for Saturday afternoon when I have time to look at them properly!

As many of you know, I sing the praises of Paperback Swap on my blog well I got this book in the mail yesterday.

I have been looking for copies of the Stillmeadow books by Gladys Taber for years. I look at our local library book store as well as having the series posted on my wish list on Paperback Swap. Well I have one now!! I was so excited!( It does not take much to get me excited, I am sure you have learned by now!)

While out doing errands yesterday it was in the high 90s with a heat index of 105 so I stopped at our local, Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream Shop, to get a dip of Black Walnut ice cream on a sugar cone. This little shop used to be a Baskin Robbins when we first moved to Decatur 23 years ago and made the transformation to Kaleidoscoops many years ago. As I was paying for my cone, I noticed the sign reading that they will close on August 24th for remodeling. The older generation of the mom and pop operation are retiring ( at 74) and the younger generation is taking over. The young folks want to update the shop and that is great but they think it will take about six months to do all the updating. I guess I will have to rely on Dairy Queen for my occasional ice cream fix until then!

Last night's dinner was a fun get together  with some of my Titus Ladies group, Nettie Beth, Elaine and Helen at a local Italian restaurant, Francesco's. ( this was my day for eating out I guess!!) We had the best time, chatting and then we began talking about books and we just could not stop! We are all READERS and when you get a group of readers together, watch out! We could not believe how fast the time had sped by! And now I have some other books to look for when I finish up the ones I have on the floor next to my bed, not to mention the books on my Kindle. As for books on Kindle, I am reading  The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills and I am enjoying it SO. I read a couple of reviews on Good Reads and some were not too complimentary of the book. I realized that these readers thought there would be BIG revelations about Harper Lee. What I am finding out is that Harper Lee and her older sister, Alice, are a lot like most "old southern ladies" and I find that reading the book is like sitting out on the front porch, chatting with the older ladies in my own family. Tales of family members, genealogy, hard family times, church doings etc. I am eating it up!

So today, I am feeling refreshed and looking forward to spending some time with my MOPs friends as we kick off a new year!  God is so good...He is with us in the sad times and he brings refreshment at the moments we need it the most.  I am so thankful for my faith, my family and my friends.


Anonymous said...

I know the family that lost their son are very appreciative of the brunch and the support of your church.
Thanks for the book reviews. I am enjoying reading lately, too.
Yesterday was so hot/humid here too. The Block Party is tonight and I am wondering how wet with sweat we will get!!!!! I offered to help with the set up.
I, too, am thankful that the Lord is with us through the sad and the happy times. I am thankful for my blog friends that the Lord has placed in my life. Wishing you a great Sat. with those wonderful magazines!

Terri D said...

Prayers for the family from your church. Church families are just the best! Yes, God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.