Sunday, August 3, 2014

There is NO Place like HOME!

Dorothy certainly hit the nail on the head with that phrase! While we had a fabulous week in Gulf Shores, we were glad to sleep in our own beds last night. Marvin and I both agreed that this was the best vacation ever. Weather was perfect, beach was not crowded(where we were) and the family had a great time visiting and vacationing. Thanks to neighbors, Jean and John, who collected the mail and newspapers for us while we were gone!

Here is a picture of Samiskit, the beach house we rented for the week. )I used the Vacation Rental by Owner photo) If you are looking for a great house to rent at Gulf Shores, I highly recommend Samiskit. You can google it by name for more information and pictures of the property.

On our first day at the beach...Katy and Margaret looking for sea shells. And yes, we were almost the only people on the beach..incredible for July.

Baylor Man showing off his swimmies.

Baby Elliott stayed with Nana under the umbrella. He loved the sound of the ocean and watching all his family enjoying the surf.

I love this picture of my son, Ben, with his sweet.

Margaret and Kendall made so many sand castles. You can see Amelia in the background soaking up the sun.

Landon was a busy boy too!

Even Grandpa got a selfie for Facebook!!

For our first day at the beach, we made homemade ice cream! One of my favorite treats. And needless to say we all fell into our beds and slept soundly after a day at the beach.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home; you were missed!

So happy you were blessed with great weather. I love the photos. I know you made a lot of sweet memories and the ice cream sounds delicious.

Terri D. said...

The sun and surf surely does make for a good sleeping potion! It looks like an ideal house and location, and I'm so happy you all had such a great time!! Welcome home!