Friday, September 26, 2014

Good Bye Gulf Shores

It has been a wonderful week but today we must pack our things in preparation of leaving for home tomorrow.  The weather has been perfect, we have eaten a lot of good sea food and both of us have read multiple books!

I do not know if it is my age but I am ready to go home. Home is where the heart is for me. I miss my friends, family and my own little nest.  When I get home I have quite a to do list.  I must change out the flower beds in front of the town home. It is time to put some of the summer clothing away and get the fall and winter things out. I must make some appointments for regular doctor check ups. And I look forward to having breakfast on Thursday with my girlfriends as well as hosting my Titus Ladies group that afternoon.

But for now, we will enjoy one last morning soaking up the sun, knowing that summer temps will soon be gone and we will not get to the beach again until next year.  Have a wonderful weekend blog friends.


Anonymous said...

Good to travel and explore but it is nice to return home, also. Have a safe trip and enjoy the weekend.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Mildred, we are home and unpacked, looking forward to a nice restful weekend.