Friday, September 5, 2014

The Doctor is In....Real In

How many of you remember that cute sign from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? I always smile when I see that Lucy only charges a nickel, up front of course!! Apparently Obama Care has not impacted the Peanut Gallery.

I took Margaret home yesterday and later in the day, Katy posted some cute pictures of Margaret playing with her baby brother Elliott.  I think she missed both her brothers but Elliott is still small enough that he has no say in Big Sis's antics.

Listening for a heartbeat! Apparently he had none according to Margaret.:)

Elliott is wearing the hat because he has a fever, according to the doctor. She is into holistic treatment.:) Love the look on Elliott's face, Help Me!!

Sister is glad to be back home with her baby dolls. She is such a fun and imaginative girl. She was putting on a puppet show for Grandpa and she finally got exasperated with him, "Grandpa, you cannot watch the puppet show if you keep taking naps!!"  Soon these sweet days will pass by and these precious little ones will be busy with school and friends. Then the grandparents take a back seat to all the other activities...I keep telling myself to enjoy the hugs, the snuggles and the smiles.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet photos. So glad you had this time with Margaret. Cute about grandpa napping!!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Yes, sometimes Grandpa's just cannot keep their eyes open one more minute! Nana's too!:)

Unknown said...

Very sweet and cute baby grandpa napping.
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Jenny Woolf said...

Yes, it's a really wonderful time! I can't understand how some people are not interested in their grandkids.

Terri D said...

It does all go by quickly, but the memories last a lifetime!!