Friday, October 3, 2014


Last night as Marvin and I were settling down to watch tv, someone knocked on our door. This seldom happens so Marvin went to answer the door. A young lady was standing there, tearful...'I am so sorry" she said but I hit your mailbox and knocked it off the post."  Marvin went with her to look at the damage. Yep, she had knocked it off the post alright. She was backing out of our neighbor's drive and did not correct soon enough! We assured her that everyone makes mistakes and that we would take care of it. She gave us her name and phone number so that she could pay for the repair.  I appreciated the fact that she marched up to the door and told us what she had done. Our mailboxes are behind our homes so we did not hear a thing! She could have driven off and left us to find it this morning.

After calling our home owner association's president, we found out where we could purchase the part we needed to repair the mailbox. It seems to be an easy fix and should only cost five or ten dollars. I am off to tend to that this morning.  Of course, I was kind of fussing about it to Marvin. Friday's are a busy day for me and this is one more thing to do! As I was having my morning coffee and reading Facebook, I noted that there had been a storm during the night. What storm?? We must have slept right through it! A Facebook friend reported that a 150 year old tree fell on her home, destroying her porch and demolishing her car!! Fortunately no one was injured inside the home. You know that kind of put things in perspective for me. How often I fuss about little aggravations! So I am going to HAPPILY go to the store to get that piece for my mailbox with a grateful heart.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's always something...but it could be worse! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

One of my friends hit my mailbox the first time she visited and knocked my post at a tilt. Easily fixed as the ground was a little soft. If yours are like ours, they put 2 together and people don't realize they need to be looking for both of them when they back.