Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have made some bad decisions in the book aisle at Target in the last week or so. I had picked up some fairly inexpensive books that looked interesting and both were duds! I will be adding them to my Paperback Swap account so at least I can swap these books for some that I might like! Why did I give in to temptation? Because I had not made time to get downtown to the library! Yesterday I was feeling blue...the dreary weather here and some family worries had me down, so I made it a priority to go to the library! When I walked inside I was met with this scene....

I had forgotten that it was time for the annual library quilt show. Needlework and books are two of my favorite things. I do not quilt but I appreciate all the time and effort put into making these works of art. You can click on the photographs to see these beauties in more detail.

The seasonal quilts with their colorful fabrics are always my favorites.

I just have to think that the quilt on the right was made by a nana for a grandson!

The quilt of ships caught my eye as well.  Every library patron is allowed to vote on their favorite quilt. I am still mulling over my decision.

In addition to admiring all the quilts I picked up some books that look like they might be just right for this reader!!


Amy Burzese said...

I love quilts. I wish I could have all of them. And I wish I had the where-with-all to make one.

Arlene Grimm said...

Me too Amy...I have done some quilted pillows in the past but it is a bit too much for me.

Terri D said...

I have a friend who quilts and one who does beautiful, fine needlework. I don't have the patience for either, but sure do appreciate those who do and the wonderful creations they produce!! Thanks for sharing. The quilts are all great, and I would have a hard time judging, too!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a treat to get to see the quilts at the library. I don't quilt either but I sure do love them and have even thought about trying to find a Christmas quilt. Hope you have some good books to read and feel happy for the weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane