Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Spotlight

I  thought I would blog about my grands this morning! After all this is Nanaland.

This is the only recent photo I have of Kendall.( We were having dinner at Mellow Mushroom with Amelia and the children.) She is at the age that she does not want to have photos snapped all the time! However, Landon, enjoys the camera now but when he was a baby I could hardly get a snapshot of him without a come apart!  Kendall is doing well in school. She is in the Talented and Gifted Program at her school and it is the highlight of her week. Kendall's teacher says she is a leader at school and well liked by her peers. Her only negative comment about Kendall was that she needs to learn to curb some of her talking. I think she comes by that naturally from both of her grandmothers!! She also enjoys reading and crafts.

Landon's team came in second in the Soccer Tournament at the end of season. He was so proud of his trophy and medal. Landon loves kindergarten and word on the street is that he has a crush on his teacher.:) He is beginning to read and loves to write out sentences and math equations. Those math equations make Grandpa, who is a physicist, very happy.

Margaret continues to march to her own drummer. Last week she was sent to her room to "calm down" and she came out dressed in this outfit! This young lady makes us all laugh with her antics! She loves to play with her La La Loopsys and has quite the imagination.

And here are my youngest grandsons, Elliott and Baylor.  Baylor is doing so well with his therapy! Both his therapists are very happy with his progress. Thank you for praying and please keep those prayers going up. He is in speech therapy three days a week and occupational therapy two days a week. It is a challenge for Katy with three preschoolers to get to all these appointments but she is hanging in there! Pray for her as she has a lot on her plate. Ben took the day off on Tuesday and the whole family went to the Birmingham Zoo. Katy said that Baylor loved the animals, especially the baby monkeys and the flamingos. Margaret ran from one thing to another...once she had seen it, she was ready to move on! Baby Elliott is getting so big. he will turn one on December 5th. He is standing by himself but has not let go to walk yet. He is a smiley happy boy and the last time he saw Nana he gave her three big kisses!!

So there they are, the five sweetest children in the world to me! Today we are off to Huntsville to have lunch with Charles and Nancy. Then Grandpa will be moving to his recliner to watch all the great football games that are on today!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Love this post on your grands. Nice to hear that there are still kids who aren't afraid of being themselves! Much more likely to be successful in life, IMHO. Fun photos.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks Judy!! They do have lots of personality!!:)