Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Around the House

Cold weather has caused me to do a little more hand work this week. I am making good progress on the  wedding sampler I am doing for my nephew, Jeff and his fiance, Sarah.

I am using a new type of variegated thread on this sampler and I really like the effect. The linen has a tea stained look so I think the sampler will turn out looking like an antique.  I will include their monograms and the year of their marriage, 2015!

I have received three pretty Thanksgiving cards from my friends, Gina, Linda and Deborah. I display them on the buffet in the dining room. From the clock you can see I took this picture at seven am! This is the week the children arrive early so I have to take them to school. It just might be a MacDonalds coffee morning today!! There is a MacDonalds on our route to school. I have been wanting to try the new White Mocha Hot Chocolate. It warms me up just thinking of it!!

Today is supposed to be a bit warmer so I have some errands to run! I am looking forward to the weekend's warmer temps even if it does come with rain. This girl was not made for cold weather!!


Cattails said...

I love the sampler. What a treasured gift for the newlyweds next year.

Thanks for the get well wishes.

Stay warm today.

Tori Leslie said...

Love the sampler, always wanted to do one of those but I need instant gratification. How nice to have such thoughtful friends.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for dropping by on such a cold day Ladies! Wish we could sit and have a cup of hot spiced tea together. The cold weather makes me long for hot beverages.

Terri D said...

Yum - let us know how that McDonald's hot chocolate drink was, and please make sure we get to see the finished sampler!!

Mrs R said...

Hello Arlene! Happy Wednesday to you! I've never had a McDonald's coffee either regular or flavored. It hasn't been too cold here but I am certainly looking forward to the NC warmer weather.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What beautiful stitching. I usually start crocheting some in the winter months. Love your pretty cards, too! Stay warm! Hugs, Diane

Arlene Grimm said...

I will be posting a picture of my finished sampler. I hope to get it done soon as my new framer is not exactly Speedy Gonzalez!! Oh Gina, you must try MacDonald's is my favorite. I like a milder roast of coffee. And Terri, when I get some of that chocolate mocha I will post a review. Diane, winter is the perfect time to catch up on stitiching of all kinds.