Friday, November 21, 2014


Yesterday I started the day off with coffee with Susan B, an old friend I had not spent time with in ages. I met Susan when I taught preschool. Her daughter, Sara, was in my class and I quickly fell in love with that young lady. Sara had a six month old brother and Susan was looking for someone to care for him one day a week so she could have time for herself. I volunteered and began a long time relationship with this sweet family. Sara is in college now and Drew( who my family called Precious as they knew how much I loved that boy!) is a junior in high school.  I really enjoyed my time with Susan. We are planning to get together with the children over Christmas break.

Then it was on to Cracker Barrel where I had lunch with my besties. As usual we had a good time discussing life in general. We also did a little shopping at Cracker Barrel while we were there.

Then dinner with my Titus Ladies group from church. Really it was an eating odyssey yesterday! As I am trying to count calories, I had to hold back! Many of my Titus lady friends are readers like me so we always have fun comparing books we have read. At the recommendation of Andrea, I downloaded The Kitchen House to my kindle this morning. I have been having a hard time finding a good book to read since I finished Cutting for Stone! It seems that when I finish a great book, I am dissatisfied with just mediocre books. I do enjoy a good story so if you have any books you can suggest, please leave a comment.

Off to start my shopping for Thanksgiving this morning, This afternoon we head to Birmingham to go to the North Pole Express. Katy said Baylor was a bit under the weather, so prayers for him today. If he is not up to the trip, Nana will stay with him so the rest of the family can enjoy their trip to the North Pole.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for Baylor. You had a really busy day yesterday filled with wonderful friends and good food!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thank you Miss Cattails!!

Terri D said...

Prayers for Baylor. I just finished reading Moloka'i, by Alan Brennert. Excellent book.