Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Santa Claus Is In The Building!

Margaret had a chance to go and see Santa Claus last week. I have to say this Birmingham Santa looks pretty good! I am sure Margaret had quite a list to share with the jolly old elf.

I have checked carpet cleaning off my list of pre holiday chores. The guys arrived bright and early yesterday to clean my carpets and scrub the ceramic kitchen floors. It is amazing what a difference it makes!! When I found out my carpet cleaner also did tile floors I decided to have mine scrubbed well once a year. As I am getting older, scrubbing floors is not on my agenda!!

I had a chance to play decorator yesterday as I helped a friend hang some pictures as well as place some furniture in her home. They have been in the house for three years but it needed so much work that decorating had to wait. I really enjoyed helping Robin yesterday. I told her she was free to move things back the way they were after I left!lol.

With the cold temps here, I am glad to stay inside today. I did note that the paper says temps will be back in the 50s by Friday when we go to the North Pole Express so I am thankful for that!! Long term forecast says 70s next week...I sure hope so!!!


Terri D said...
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Terri D said...

We are to be cold for the next three days, then back up into the high 70s and low 80s!!

You are right about that Santa! He looks pretty good!

I always had my tile floors cleaned when the carpet guy came, but we bought our own carpet/floor scrubber last year. It is so easy to use. Now I can scrub away every month or so.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet photo with Santa! Enjoy being inside and warm today!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a sweet photo! I woke up thinking about decorating for the holidays. When I get in the mood...there's no stopping me! lol Hugs!

Arlene Grimm said...

Yes Ladies, it is COLD everywhere today it seems. I will be happy when the more moderate temps return. Terri I have been looking at a floor scrubber. Do you have any recommendations? Miss Cattails, I will be inside by the gas logs!! Diane, I look forward to seeing pictures of your holiday home. I have gotten out a few things but my hubs is one of those people who resists Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Arlene! I'm sorry that I've been away. I've been packing away for my trip (plus having a sinus infection).

I am looking forward to being down south very soon & warmer weather. The apartment has carpeting and Sarah says she saw them cleaning them so I am hoping they will be sparkling clean! :-)

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