Wednesday, March 11, 2015


One of my favorite story lines on Downton Abbey for the last two seasons is the friendship that has developed between these two fireballs.  When Isobel Crawley first came to Downton with son, Matthew, Lady Violet was not very nice to her!  In fact in their first scene together, Isobel asks Violet what they should call each other and Lady V responds, " Well we can start with Mrs Crawley and Lady Grantham!"  I think one of the reasons they were so prickly with each other is that they are very much alike in character!

Yesterday I enjoyed lunch with an old friend, Cynthia. We were very good friends when we lived in Huntsville but after moving to Decatur, we lost touch. In the last two months we have made an effort to get together and what fun we have. Cynthia and I saw Steel Magnolias together when it first came to the theater so that tells you how long we have been friends. And like really good friends, we have a heart connection that will always be there, no matter time or distance. I am so thankful for all the great friends I have in my life. Each and every one is a blessing from God.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, so glad that you had fun with your friend. Friends are the best. Hope you have a nice day.

Terri D said...

New friendships are a blessing, but none can compare to those "old" friendships. I agree! I also love those two ladies and can't believe we have to wait an entire year for the nest (and last) season of Downton.

doodles n daydreams said...

Yes good friends are a real blessing.
I can see I am going to have to get Downton Abbey out on DVD over the winter and watch it. I always wanted to see it but hubby didn't so I deferred to him.


Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for visiting Nanaland today Ladies. Terri, I am going to really miss Downton when it ends. At least I have all the DVDS. Diana, You must watch Downton Abbey. Even my engineer husband became addicted to it.:) and Julie, what would we do without friends???