Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Paddy's Day to You

Well that sneaky Leprechaun must have escaped the trap because we did not find one there this morning!:)

My friend, Terry, who really goes all out on St Patrick's Day, sent me this pretty card.

She and her family dress in green and go to the local parades to show their loyalty to their Irish Roots.

I always thought I was mostly of  English and Scottish heritage. But when I started doing genealogy I found several of my family lines had roots in northern Ireland. In fact one of my Irish ancestors, Robert Orr, was born on the ship that was taking the family from Ireland to America.

That family settled in the mountains of North Georgia where Robert's granddaughter, Jane, married my great grandfather, Henry Tankersley.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about my ancestors and the lives they lived.

When I had lunch with my Sunday School Girlfriends on Friday, Amy surprised us all with a pretty shamrock.

The green certainly brightens up this corner of my living room. ( And the Jelly Beans are for my Jelly Bean loving grandson, Landon.)

And here is an old Irish Blessing for all my blog friends. Have a blessed day!!


Terri D said...

Wishing you the same Irish blessings! My maiden name is Kelly, so I am all decked out today, too! :)

doodles n daydreams said...

We always wore a bit of the green as well - and I did yesterday too.
What pity, no leprechaun, but I believe they are hard to catch and not very nice if you do manage it, lol.


Arlene Grimm said...

I have enjoyed watching the St Patrick's day parade festivities in Savannah Ga where some of our family were in attendance.