Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reception at the Red Gate Barn

After the wedding we were all eager to get inside the barn where there were some nice heaters!! The barn looked like a barn but without the animals and the uh, smells of a barn! I grew up on a farm so I know whereof I speak!  Brittany's mother had done a nice job of decorating the venue. I think she used some Pinterest ideas.

We had to get one Grimm family photo before going inside. We are missing some of the aunts and an uncle who were not able to make it to the wedding. Also, Caleb's brother, Will, was not able to attend as he lives far away but he was at the wedding via Facetime. Technology is a wonderful thing.  Here are the Grimms, left to right.....Uncle Lee, Aunt Lanier, Douglas, Mom Barbara, Caleb, Brittany, Dad William, Maggie, Aunt Mina  and Uncle Marvin and Aunt Arlene.

Lots of yummy brunch food to choose from...

The Groom's Table with delicious Banana Pudding made by his new mother in law.

The table where Caleb and Brittany sat...actually they did very little sitting as they had so much visiting to do with friends and family.

Every other guest table held a three layer cake with buttercream frosting.  But the flavor of the layers was a surprise.

As Brittany and Caleb cut into the cake at their table, each guest table cut into their cake. Our great niece , Sarah, did the honors at our table.  Our cake was carrot cake which is my sweet husband's favorite. There were other flavors at various tables...key lime, strawberry,and chocolate among others. This was the best idea...the guests mingled, trying different kinds of cake and no waiting in line for a slice of the wedding cake.

Barbara and William...Caleb is their first child to get married. Son Will plans to wed in September but he is planning a destination wedding for the immediate family.

This was one of my favorite photos that I took...getting ready to toss the bouquet.

The bubble they go to begin their lives together. Have a long and happy life together dear children!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bride/groom and such happy smiles! Thanks for sharing the family pic and the delightful reception. Great idea with the diff. flavors of cake!

Karen said...

I enjoyed the pics of the darling couple, and all the wonderful ideas for the wedding. Loved the many different cakes. I served at many weddings cutting the cake for the guests, and it was a slow-moving line!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks sweet girls...too bad all my kids are too old for weddings or I would definitely steal that cake idea. it was so fun as you met people at the wedding as you found out what flavors everyone liked!!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, it looks like it was such a lovely wedding and thank you for sharing the nice photos!
Julie xo

Debby said...

Such a sweet wedding. The groom looks so young. I like the idea about the different flavors of cake. Yumm.

Terri D said...

Absolutely lovely.