Sunday, March 22, 2015


Every time I hear the song, When You Wish Upon A Star, I am magically transported back to the 1960s. Most Sunday evenings we watched The Wonderful World of Disney. I can remember watching the clips from Disneyland(before Disney World) and wishing that someday I could go there. I did make it to Disney World for my honeymoon so wishes do come true. This afternoon, daughter Amelia and granddaughters, Kendall and Margaret  and I were magically transported to the land of fairy tales as we watched Cinderella come to life on the big screen.  If you have not seen this movie, I give it a big thumbs up.  Downton Abbey's Rose played Cinderella while Downton's kitchen maid, Daisy, played one of the wicked step sisters!  It was beautifully filmed and both my grand girls said their favorite part was when Cinderella was magically transformed into a princess for the ball.  If you have a special little girl in your life, grab her and take off for the theater. If you cannot find one, then just go by yourself.

On a sad note, when I got home from the movie, I sat down with my computer and noted that Kara Tippetts, author of the blog, Mundane Faithfulness went home to be with the Lord this afternoon.  While I am sad for Jason and the children, I am sure that Kara received a Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant as she arrived in her heavenly home. Although I only knew Kara via her blog, I felt she was a friend and I am really going to miss her thoughtful posts. The blog will go on but without Kara it just cannot be the same. Please remember Jason, Eleanor, Harper, Lake and Story in your prayers. I know they have a rough road ahead of them as they have lost a beloved wife and mother.

I am posting this evening because I have Margaret visiting for a few days. I get up early in the morning but when she hears me moving around, she bounds out of bed! It reminds me of when my own children were young. I tried the get up before they do routine but without fail, the minute they heard my feet hit the floor, they were all up too! ( Of course this was before they were teenagers!)   I have to say that having a little one to read bedtime stories to and to get sweet hugs from is Number One in my book!


Terri D said...

I'm sorry to hear about your blogging friend. I've not been connected to her, but lost a blogging friend awhile back, and it does feel strange - knowing them, but not really knowing them. I will pray for the family.

Enjoy those bedtime story times, and those hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Through you on fb, I have been reading about Kara. She was an inspiration and my heart and prayers go out to her family.
So happy you girls enjoyed Cinderella!