Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Stream

One of my cousins posted this on Facebook and I thought it was cute. Being the oldest of three girls I often thought I was the Queen!

Since I have nothing in particular on my mind this morning I thought I would share my stream of consciousness!!

My Fitbit...I love it and I hate it. That little piece of technology really makes me take a good hard look at what I am eating and how much I must exercise in order to eat a piece of cake!! So far I am averaging about 8000 steps a day. Yesterday I got in 9500. My goal was 10,000 per day. Ladies that  really takes planning and persistence.

I picked up Pat Conroy's Beach Music at the library and I did not like it at all. In fact I gave up on it after 50 pages.  Some of his books I love some I do not! I also gave up on Jan Karon's Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.  I was just getting aggravated at Father Tim!  After reading some reviews on Good Reads, I saw that I was not alone and that always makes me feel better.

I got all of my Easter decorations put away yesterday and I got my house tidied and back in order. That always makes me feel good. However the house looks a little "plain" with no bling to look at!

Landon made two homeruns at his baseball game on Saturday. He wanted his mom to text me and tell me. I was so honored until Amelia told me some of the other Nanas were offering five dollars per home run to their little athletes. Oh well!!  However, when I saw Landon he was just excited that he had done well. Kendall had a good game as well. Nana and Grandpa have not been able to get to a game yet but we will be there soon.

Today I head to the Court House to get our car tags...which probably means waiting in line. Then I am on to the library! I have loved libraries since I was a little girl. A trip there always makes my day complete.

We are having some rainy days but that is not unusual in Spring. Soon the hot steamy days will be here and we will wish for these temperate days. Have a good one blog friends.


Karen said...

Would they let us big sisters wear our tiaras in our drivers license photos?? Hope you have a great day!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh Karen, I may just try that!!lol!! Wouldn't the DMV be shocked!

Terri D said...

I'm the big sister, too!! Never thought I was queen though...head maid, cook and baby-sitter perhaps! My mom worked full time (and Dad) so I had lots of chores and responsibility. Congrats to Landon! Glad he wasn't expecting money for his achievements. I don't think paying for success is a good incentive to promote! I read Somewhere Safe with Someone Good, but did not enjoy it like I did all the others in the series. I didn't get aggravated with Fr. Tim, though. He is just getting old! LOL

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri after I thought about the latest Mitford book, I did realize that I suffer from some of the same problems he has...I dislike change and I seem to dislike it more as I get older. But I think he needed a swift kick to get him out of his funk!lol

doodles n daydreams said...

I'm the eldest of 6 kids but unfortunately never got to fell like queen bee. Too many of us for that.
i have to get to my little boys footy games this year as well, they have just picked teams and started practices.
have a good week,