Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Stream

Another post from my stream of consciousness as I do not have anything specific on my mind.

1. I am still enjoying Pioneer Girl. Like several of you, I think I may have to purchase this book for my own library.

2. I am thinking of my sweet Landon as he will have some ENT surgery on Tuesday. He will get rid of tonsils, adenoids and have tubes inserted in his ears to drain that pesky fluid that seems to stay there. Hopefully the surgery will relieve his problems.

3. And I am thinking of Audrey this morning. Charles reported that they go to the doctor today to see how things are progressing and they have their last childbirth class this evening. Nancy's mother arrives on May 6th so hopefully our sweet babe will wait until her other Nana arrives to make an appearance.

4.I am glad that today is Friend Day. Deborah, Susan and I will meet for lunch at Java Jaay. This local eaterie has all kinds of coffee as well as delicious sandwiches. Their chicken salad on whole grain bread is my favorite. We will also get to see Susan's photographs from her European River Cruise.

5. Update on my Fitbit. I am still feeling motivated to get out and walk due to my little companion. I have not seen a lot of weight loss but I can tell I am toning up as my clothes feel different!

6.I am looking forward to our trip to Las Vegas. We finished making all our reservations and Marvin and I are both looking forward to our trip. We will be staying in Henderson, NV part of the time. Our long time friends, Gary and Melinda Johnson, invited us to come and see them to celebrate Melinda and myself turning 60 in May. We will also see the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. My science minded husband wants to tour Hoover Dam so I will go with him to see this great feat even though it is not my cup of tea.

7. I am looking forward to our MOPs training day on May 2nd at our church.  I am hoping to meet some mentors from other area groups and to get some ideas for improving as a mentor.

8. Another wedding in the family ....nephew Jeff will be getting married on Memorial Day weekend. It is always nice to see our family as we are far flung these days.

9.Saturday is Derby Day. Since we lived several years in Louisville, we always remember that the first Saturday in May is Derby Day. Maybe I should make a Derby pie to celebrate.

10. Daughter Amelia is having some minor surgery tomorrow. When it is your child it is never minor so I would appreciate prayers for her. I plan to make some of her favorite chocolate chip cookies for her to munch on as she recovers.

Thanks for jumping in the stream with me....have a grand day!!


Terri D said...

Well that is a pretty deep stream you just had us jump with you! Prayers for all of your requests, including safe travels to Las Vegas! I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Linda said...

Looks like you have lots of things going on - as usual!! I just updated my side bar so I won't miss any of your posts!! Some things about blogging still confuse me!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the loved ones you have mentioned. What an exciting vacation you two have planned. I know you will enjoy lunch/coffee with your friends. Take care.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for praying for these needs my praying friends. Hoping all goes well for Amelia and for Landon. We are looking forward to our vacay...saw that Gary Puckett and the Union Gap are in Vegas when we are there...should we go???lol

Joy said...

Oh! You sure have a lot look forward to both good and challenges. Don't worry, with God on our side, we will be given strength for the ride.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Joy, thank you for that reminder!! And for the prayers.