Friday, May 1, 2015

A New Treasure

My friend, Susan, was on a European River Cruise last week and while she was gone, I helped with her kitties.  To thank me for feeding Quill and Salola, Susan brought me this beautiful Meissen candlestick.

I told Susan that she could not have brought me anything I would have liked more!! It reminds me a bit of my nursing lantern that I received on getting my cap when I was in nursing school. ( And that is long gone...probably purged it on a move).  It is so lovely.  I put it in my china cabinet so that my grands do not put their little hands on it.

I am sharing some of Susan's pictures from her trip to the Meissen Factory....

Still hand painted and one of the reasons the painted pieces are so pricy!!

As Susan put it, totally unaffordable but beautiful. I agree.

The Crossed Swords are the trademark for Meissen ware.  And I love that you can see the reflection in the glass!! Susan took many beautiful photos of her trip through Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Hope you enjoyed your armchair look at a bit of Germany!! I am glad my friends are travelers because I get to travel along by seeing their photos on Facebook and the tales they have to tell when they return to the sleepy little town of Decatur, Alabama.  I may add Germany to my bucket list!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift and I enjoyed her photos very much. Happy May Day.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mildred, you know I love any glass ware!! And Meissen!! So special.

Terri D said...

Your are so right about that being the perfect gift for you. What a treasure!! Lovely photos.