Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Awards Day

Yesterday was Awards Day at Priceville Elementary and I had the privilege of being there to see Miss Kendall receive two awards.

Here she is receiving a medal and certificate for having All A's all year. Mrs Brown is her third grade teacher. The awards program was just for the second and third grade and was it ever packed. I was glad to see so many parents and grandparents in attendance on a Tuesday morning. I also noted that second graders had lots of All A students but when third graders came to the podium, the numbers were less. I guess third grade is harder than second grade!!  When I was in school there were not a lot of students in my class who made all A's. ( I am going to brag and let yall know I was one who did!!).  I thought I was pretty special in elementary school but when I got to high school and there were kids from all over the county who were smart too, I got my comeuppance.

In addition to her academic award, Kendall received the leadership award for her class. This award goes to a boy and girl in each class who have high standards and go the extra mile in being helpful and friendly. Most teachers related that these boys and girls finish their own work, then help other students who need a hand. I am glad that PES encourages the students to help one another. This is a good life skill.

Here is my pretty girl dressed in her pink and smiling!! Right in the middle of the row.  Looks like a lot of proud kiddos!!

Now I have to figure out some fun activities to keep the grands entertained this summer. I already have a bucket that is hidden in my closet with different crafts etc that I have picked up for them. Kendall wants to do some baking so we will do that. She wanted to host a bake sale but I told her we would just share our goodies with friends and neighbors.

Well I am off to get a nice pedicure this morning, thanks to darling daughter, Amelia. She gifted me with one for my birthday!! It will be a Wonderful Wednesday.


Karen said...

Congratulations, Kendall. You should be rewarded for your hard work all year!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kendall. She is beautiful, smart and compassionate. Enjoy your pedicure, Arlene.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Ladies...she is growing up to be a fine young lady.