Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Always Something

So do any of you remember this lady? Roseanne Rosannadanna....She always ended her rambling news report on SNL Weekend Updates with " My daddy always told me, Roseanne Rosannadanna, it's always something!!"

I am late in posting today because when I woke up this morning and fired up my laptop, it refused to let me get on the internet. Every time I tried to get on, I had to put in my user password and then I was told it was invalid. Starting off the morning with ATT Uverse support required that I dab myself with some YLEO Valor!! ( This is the oil that gladiators put on before entering has calming and focusing powers that I surely did need! ) The young lady who tried to help me was named Abby. She was very nice but I want to tell ATT that you might give your support people American Names but we are not fooled. Abby very quickly realized that I needed the help of a service person. He arrived about an hour ago at the time foretold(Thanks ATT!!) I got a new modem and a New Uverse Remote. Our old remote was aged and needed to be replaced. Over all I would give AT and T a 10 on their service today!!

I have one last photo from our week in Memphis!

We never go to Memphis without a stop at Corkys. Barbara and William joined us for a late lunch early supper to tide us over to the reception nosh!  Their ribs are superb!!

Speaking of Memphis..I texted my sis in law, Lanier, to see if she was rested up and she is sick with upper respiratory infection. Please pray the antibiotics kick in soon. She and Lee are going out of town this weekend for a grandbaby's birthday and they are bringing home their twin grands for a week. She needs to recover quickly. Please say a prayer for her recovery. We cannot party like we used to!!

So now it is evening and my fitbit is saying that I need to get out and walk a bit so I will wish you all a lovely evening!!


Terri D said...

Computer problems are second only to car trouble as a frustration factor in my mind. Grrrrrr!!! Glad you had a good service call and are back up and running! Hope you got your steps in this evening!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Well Terri, after the ATT guy left it blew up a storm here. I will be on vacation next week and I hope to get lots of extra steps in then.