Friday, May 22, 2015

Still Blooming

When Marvin surprised me with a dozen yellow roses for my birthday, I hoped they would last all week. However by Wednesday they were a bit droopy so I created some new bouquets and now I have yellow roses all over my house!!

I was able to use my neat pottery flower container that Deborah got for me. You have to use flowers with sturdy stems so that they stand upright. Then you fill the reservoir with water! This allows the flowers to get the water they need without the contamination of water standing in a vase. Whoever thought up this idea was a genius!!

This bud vase is very special to me as it was a gift. When Marvin and I became engaged 40 years ago now...Mama G gave me this pretty vase.  I guess it is an antique now!! And I am going to need a new picture with ALL my girlies for my bedside table.

So proud of Landon this morning. His baseball team is now the County Champions after playing hard last night...two games in a row against a team that was equally talented. I am thankful for the coaches on Landon's team, including Landon's dad, Nick. These men are such encouragers and teachers. I have never heard one of them speak harshly to a player on their team. And I can say that I have seen coaches who belittle and humiliate their players. I just cannot go along with that at any age but especially for these little ones.

We are going to have a busy Memorial Day weekend but it should be fun! Remember that freedom is not was bought with a price. I am going to remember those that gave their lives so I can live safely in the USA.


Anonymous said...

I was here earlier and got interrupted. I love your roses and that pottery vase is unique and the vase from Mama G is a real treasure. Congrats to Landon's team and what a blessing to have a good group of leaders for these young boys.

Linda said...

Roses never last long enough!!! Amber tried to have some delivered to me when I was at the ranch for Mother's Day. She has no idea what it is like and how much IN THE COUNTRY we are down there! Anyway - they were delivered to my home in Irving and fortunately my SIL Ruth Ann was here at the time so she took them home and enjoyed them for several days. They didn't last long enough for me to see them but Ruth Ann sent me a photo!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!!!