Saturday, June 27, 2015


Marvin and I have always felt that we should share what God has blessed us with and that includes our home. We have been blessed over the years to entertain many lovely people in our home. This weekend I have made a new friend by opening my home to a visitor. One of my friends here in Decatur is having a reception for her son who was recently married in South Carolina. She mentioned that she was pleased that her new daughter in law's mother was driving from Columbia, South Carolina to attend the event. I asked where she was staying and Lori looked a bit perplexed, "Well I am not sure." She answered. I offered our guest room ( which is really a little suite when the pocket door is closed). Lori assured me she would make this offer to Tammy and she called me back to say that Tammy would be glad to take me up on my offer!!  This just made me so happy. I love helping my friends and I love meeting new people. Tammy arrived last night and we seemed to hit it off right away. ( I love it when that happens!).  Tammy is a fairly recent widow and she shared with me some of her life story, giving God all the glory for the good and the bad.  She really encouraged me!

Here are some of the things I do to make my guests feel at home.

1. Ghirardelli  Chocolate.   I always have a little bowl of individually wrapped chocolates on the bedside table. Sometimes you just want a little snack! ( This time I got Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and of course I had to taste it to make sure it was ok!!).

2. Books....I put a few small books out on the bedside table as well. I always like to read a bit before I go to bed. 

3. Guest items...I have a little decorative bowl full of travel size items that I display on the counter. Mouth wash, tooth paste, lotion, floss, qtips etc...

4. I always take time to show them where all the towels etc are located and I have an over the door hook on the bathroom door where used towels can be hung up to dry. I also have a bottle of bath wash in the works better than bar soap for guests. Shampoo and conditioner are located there as well.

5. I put out pretty disposable cups...most of our friends and guests are at the age where they have a pill or two to swallow morning or evening.

6. I also make sure the night light is in the guest room and one in the bathroom. 

7. I leave a small lamp on in the living room just in case my guest needs something in the middle of the night. An unfamiliar house is daunting at night!

Sharing what you have with love is the key to hospitality. As believers we ought to be ready to open our doors and our hearts to guests!


Anonymous said...

What a kind thing to do and I'm happy you and Tammy hit it off. I like all the thought that you put into making the guest feel at home.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mildred, I knew that if my friend, Lori, liked Tammy I would also!! So I guess it was not much of a gamble but so far all my guests that I have not known before have become friends. In fact a friend I met in much the same situation invited Marvin and me out to visit them in New Mexico two years ago. They are in Florida now and she has invited us there as well. So long story short, we have been blessed by friendship!!( And if you and John ever come to Alabama, I have a guest room with your name on it!!

Terri D said...

We do most all of those things too when company comes. One guest said they had every comfort of a five-star hotel except a Gideon Bible in the drawer. Well, let me tell you - I got another Bible and made sure that it was always available in the guest room!! I love making guests feel comfortable.

Linda said...

What a delightful visit! We always end up being blessed ourselves when we are a blessing to others!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri...I am getting a Bible for that room pronto!! Great idea!! And Linda, we always get more than we give don't we?