Thursday, June 25, 2015

Inside Out from Nana's Point of View

On Tuesday afternoon, Nana and Grandpa took the three cousins to see Inside Out. Landon was thrilled that Grandpa was there as he is usually the only boy!  Kendall and Landon had seen previews of this movie and were anxious to see it in the theater. I think Margaret was just happy to go somewhere with her cousins.

It is hard to find a good movie to take the children to view these days. We gave thumbs up to Alexander and The Worst Day Ever, Big Hero Six and Paddington.  The Book of Life was a disappointment and frankly Nana should have researched this one a bit more before planning the outing. It was not a bad movie but some of the themes were troubling. It did open up a time of dialogue between me and the kiddos on the way home from the movie, however.

Inside Out was a very cute Pixar production. Pixar animation is always superb. We were also treated to a Pixar short film about a lonely volcano...I lava you, by the way! The children enjoyed the short but we were all ready for the movie after about 6 previews. I would pay extra to avoid all the ads,  to just see the movie!

The movie is about a little girl named Riley who lives in Minnesota. We meet her as a baby and we find that her brain is operated by the emotions. Joy is a Tinkerbell with blue hair who never wants Riley to be sad. Fear is the purple guy who worries about Riley being hurt as she runs around her house with abandon. Disgust is the green girl who shows disdain for broccoli, Anger is red and shows up when her parents try to get her to eat broccoli!! And the poor blue sad sack is Sadness....she is relegated to the background as much as possible.  All of Riley's emotions are categorized and sent to her core memory. She has a happy brain for the most part.

Riley's life changes drastically when she moves to San Francisco with her parents. This would be bad enough but due to an accident with the core memory tube, Joy and Sadness are sucked away to the recesses of Riley's core memory and are not able to do their jobs in the brain center. With Fear, Anger and Disgust in charge you can see there will be trouble.

Most of the movie chronicles the journey of Joy and Sadness as they try to get "home". We meet Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong, who is a curious creature that cries Candy! The grands loved that! We visit Riley's imagination, her dreamscape and her deepest fears. I had to laugh as it in Deepest Fears that we meet a giant clown who screams, "Who's the Birthday Girl?" Two of my own children HATED clowns.

In true movie fashion, Joy and Sadness make it home and along the way, Joy realizes that there is a reason that Sadness has an important role to play in Riley's emotions.  Marvin and I enjoyed the clever dialogue, some of which went right over the heads of the grands.  I like when the producers take into account that the parents and grandparents are at the kiddo movie.  Two of the cast of The Office are the voices of the emotions.  Phyllis Smith who played Phyllis Vance on The Office was the voice of Sadness and what a great job she did at getting that emotion right. Mindy Kaling who played Kelly Kapoor on the Office voiced Disgust and she was perfect as well.  The Office is one of my favorite tv shows so I was happy to hear those familiar voices.

I think this movie opens the door for conversations about emotions. Kendall at age nine, really " got" this movie. Even though it is a secular movie, the themes can allow the parent to talk with their child about emotions, why God gave us emotions and how we can learn to control our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to have full reign.   This Nana gives Inside Out  a thumbs up!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, I have got to see a good summer movie and hopefully I can see one soon. Thanks for the review on some of these movies. Enjoy today and the weekend!
Julie xo

Whitney Pendell said...

How did I not know you're a fan of The Office? :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

I have heard my youngest niece speak of this movie. Glad you all had a nice time.

Arlene said... still makes me laugh!! Mildred, it was a very enjoyable children's movie. We saw a preview for a Snoopy movie that will be out at Christmas I believe. We will be going to see it...Landon loves Charlie Brown.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, my daughter and her husband saw it and loved it! I'm looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the recommendation!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We love movies like this so we'll see it when it comes out in DVD. We actually watched Ice Age tonight just for fun. Relaxing and enjoyable! Hugs, Diane

Arlene said...

As hot as it has been here in the South Gina and Diane, we need to stay inside and watch movies!!

Terri D said...

Nice that you found such a good movie to enjoy with the kids!! Thanks for the review!

doodles n daydreams said...

It sounds like the sort of movie I would enjoy, I might have to kidnap a grandkid or two.


Karen said...

Thanks for the review. I know my grands really want to see it. The trailer looks like something I would enjoy too!

Anonymous said...

Pixar continues to set the gold standard in imagination. This film is great on almost every level and manages to capture a spirit only Pixar can. It belongs in the pantheon of greatest animated films, or at the very least greatest Pixar films.

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