Monday, June 15, 2015

My Summer Reading

This summer I have been on a Philippa Gregory reading fest. Each week at the library I pick up one or two of her books. The series I am hooked on is called The Cousins Wars and this week I completed The Red Queen, which focuses on the story of King Henry the 8th's grandmother, Margaret.

What a time of intrigue in the court of the royal house of Great Britain. It seems there were spies everywhere and anyone who thought they might have a claim to the throne, was itching to wear the crown.  However, with all the intrigue came a lot of beheadings so I am not sure I would have been too excited to rule Brittania at this time.

When the Red Queen opens, young Margaret Beaufort is 14 years old and would love nothing better than to go into holy orders as she feels she has a call on her life similar to that of Joan of Arc. However, she is given in marriage to Edmund Tudor and produces a son who she names Henry. Since she cannot be a nun, she feels God has called her to see that her Tudor son becomes King. She is very focused on her goal and rejoices when Henry is crowned Henry the 7th of England.  Several of these books also address the mystery of the two princes in the Tower of London. In line for the throne of Richard the 3rd, they mysteriously vanished. Did Margaret have anything to do with it? Many speculate regarding the end of the 9 and 12 year old royal sons. Margaret lived to enjoy the fruits of her labors and that in itself is surprising to me. There were so many diseases abroad at this time and there was very little to be done to help patients then. It was easy to murder someone with poison and the physicians were none the wiser. It was a fascinating time in history.

If you are looking for some books will teach you something of history while enjoying a good story, Ms Gregory is the author you are looking for!


Terri D said...

Thanks for the review!

doodles n daydreams said...

I have only red one of Phillipa Gregory's books, The White Queen, and I thoroughly enjoyed that too. Like you, if I like an author I tend to read a lot of them in sequence.


Arlene said...

Diana, I am reading The White Queen right is interesting to get all the different perspectives. I also enjoyed her book, The Other Boleyn Girl.

Terri, I have really enjoyed this series and I hope to read more of Ms Gregory's novels.

Cranberry Morning said...

Thank you for that review! Oh, my reading list is getting longer by the minute! I'm reading Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies by Hillary Mantel, and now I'm steered toward Pillars of the Earth by Follett and now THIS! Actually, I've been meaning to get around to reading Phillipa Gregory's books. The theme definitely appeals to me!

Arlene said...

Judy, I am almost finished with this series and I have really enjoyed it. I just started watching the mini series, the White Queen, and it is very faithful to the book series. Of course, being made in Britain, it has a bit more nudity than I am comfortable with!! I was cross stitching while it was on so I just averted my eyes during those scenes!!