Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Grand Girl

I am doing a late night post as we brought Margaret home with us and to be honest, I know I will not have time to post in the morning. Five year olds who do not see Nana very often, tend to be a bit needy. And of course, I love it.

Marvin had quite the Father's Day as we traveled to see Charles and Nancy in Atlanta then drove on to Birmingham to see Ben and to pick up Margaret. We rolled into the garage at six thirty this evening but Marvin was so happy. He saw all his children and grandchildren in one day!! Of course I have to admit that seeing Audrey was the high light of the day as we had not seen her since she was born.

Since it was Father's Day, Grandpa got to hold her first!!

So precious!

At least Charles and Marvin are happy!

Nancy's mom, Jee, along with Nancy and Audrey. Nancy's dad arrives from China on Wednesday. Though the Kims are Korean, they live and work in China. They are here until August. Charles and Nancy were so glad to have Jee's help as they settled in to family life.

That look on Audrey's face, priceless!!

Grandpa with his oldest and youngest granddaughters.

Amelia( Aunt Mimi) and Todd were camping at Stone Mountain this weekend so they dropped by to meet Audrey for the first time on their way back to Alabama.

We had such a nice visit and we also had a great time in Birmingham. Margaret was beyond thrilled to come be "the only child" until her cousins come on Tuesday. We are having a cousin sleepover and we are also planning to see the movie, Inside Out. All the cousins are excited about spending the night with Nana and Grandpa!! And Nana and Grandpa are pretty excited as well.


Linda said...

What a perfect Father's Day post!!! My favorite pic was of you and Marvin with the perfect little Audrey!!!

Anonymous said...

All of your grandchildren are beautiful and Audrey is so precious. Beautiful photo of you and Marvin with her. Have lots of fun this week and don't worry about blogging...we'll be waiting when you can return.

doodles n daydreams said...

That sounds like the perfect fathers day, spent with family old and new. You will need a rest after all your grands have visited but what fun it will be.


Terri D said...

What a great day for all of you!! Your new grand is beyond adorable and that head of hair is amazing! I know you are having fun with Margaret and the cousin get-together will be loads of fun. Can't wait to hear about it and see some photos!! Enjoy!!

Arlene said...

Thanks so much was a good thing I posted last night as Margaret was up at the crack of dawn!! Right now she is playing so I have a few moments to indulge in my blogs.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and all that hair! My goodness! My 3rd daughter had lots of red hair when she was born - it was a sign of what was to come! :-)