Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Harvey Girls

As I mentioned in one of my posts about the Grand Canyon, I have read several books about The Harvey Girls as well as seeing the 1946 movie of the same name. So when we arrived at Bright Angel Lodge, I was happy to find a museum there that told the story of Mr Fred Harvey and his quest to civilize the west.

At one time travel in the west was not for the faint of heart.  Lodging was scarce and good restaurants were hard to find. Seeing an opportunity for business, Mr Harvey decided he would provide good facilities for travelers. He is credited with starting the first restaurant chain in the United States by offering clean hotels and eating houses along major train routes in the west.  Two of his hotels were located at the rim of the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Lodge and El Tovar.  Bright Angel Lodge was designed by Mary Jane Coulter. I really enjoyed our time there and if I ever go to the canyon again. I want to plan enough in advance that we can stay at the lodge. It is so nice!!

Here are some of my photographs from the Harvey Museum Room at Bright Angel Lodge.

When I say that the Lodge is at the rim of the canyon...this is what I mean. This is the courtyard off the back of the Bright Angel Lodge. Marvin is looking off in the distance.

Even the china looks "southwestern".

If you wanted to take a ride along the rim of the canyon, this would be your mode of transport!!

The young women had to be of sterling character to work for Mr Harvey.

I imagine the girls got pretty hot in these uniforms.

Some found husbands out west.

This dining room might seem rather primitive to us but it was high style at the time.

Mr Harvey was quite the business man of his time!!  In fact some historians go so far to say that The Harvey Girls civilized the Southwest!!

I always enjoy learning something new when I travel and I was very impressed by all I found out about Mr Harvey and his girls.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting info. I hope you get the chance to stay here next time. The view is incredible. I can't imagine wearing that uniform...starched and white!

Terri D said...

I have really enjoyed learning about the Harvey girls and the business! What an entrepreneur he was! That view is amazing from that courtyard! Wow.

Arlene said...

Ladies, I have loved museums of every kind since I was a little girl. We are never too old to take in some new knowledge. So glad you enjoyed this post.