Monday, June 22, 2015

Trip to North Georgia

Over the weekend we made a trip to see my family in NoGA. ( kinda like NoALA) Marvin and I have some property on our family farm, graciously deeded to us several years ago by my parents. Marvin has always wanted to build a small cabin there for a get away home for us and a place for our children and grandchildren to enjoy as well. We are getting serious about it now and I knew that one of my cousins had built a cabin on his property so I asked if we could look at his cabin.

My cousin, Steve, has some beautiful property near the Cool Springs Community in our county. He inherited some of it and then added to it by purchasing plots from family members.  When I asked if I could see his cabin to get some ideas, he told me that I would not want a cabin like his...

The Out House

And this is why! It is very primitive and no running water or electricity is available. The window allows for ventilation as well as for checking for bears before making a run to the cabin.( Sounds rather like Alaska instead of NoGA.)

Steve built his cabin as a true man cave but he has cleverly come up with answers to running water as well as a sound system! He is a smart cookie...he pretty much built his cabin, made a road over his big property and has a beautiful rock wall at his primary home. He says his tombstone will say, "I worked myself to death!" Not many of those kinds of people left around now days!

However primitive...the site is BEAUTIFUL.

This is the view from the front porch! As hot as it was on Saturday, there was a breeze at the top of the ridge that was very pleasant. To the right hand of the picture, you can see Chattanooga in the distance.

The men talking over cabin building.

Smokey Bear is near and dear to all of us as my daddy, Steve's daddy and our Granddaddy worked for the US Forest Service. Steve worked as a ranger for the State Forest Service and he has fought forest fires all over the west as needed during his career.

Steve found these arrowheads on his property.

He is quite the hunter as well.

This is a picture of the "old" Cool Springs Baptist Church that was founded by members of our family. The church is still there but it has a new building these days.

A view out the cabin and beyond.

After visiting in the cabin, Steve took us in his jeep to see the rest of his property. Our car would have never made it up the hill to the cabin much less on the dirt road that crosses his land. This is a view of Fort Mountain that few people have seen.

It was just beautiful from every direction. Dense woods that few people have even walked through. Steve told us a story about my Daddy, his uncle. When Steve was 13 he wanted to go coon hunting one night with Daddy. Steve said that he and Daddy hunted this property and my Daddy just about wore Steve out! Daddy was used to working in the mountains every day and he could walk for miles. I loved hearing this story!!

A creek we drove through. The ride was so rough that my fitbit thought I was walking and I had 5000 steps after that ride!

This is the Blue Hole located near Steve's home. Many baptisms were held here.

The bank was filled with Oak Leaf Hydrangeas...just lovely.

This is my sister, Kristi and me with Steve.  As you cant tell from my flippy, frizzy hair, the humidity was about 100%! This was such a fun afternoon and one that I will always remember.


Linda said...

What a special treat it was to get to see the views! I can't imagine a prettier place!! I am impressed with YOU! Looking all pretty in WHITE pants!! Always the classy lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a view! I could do without the outhouse - well, I guess not but I would prefer indoor plumbing!

Anonymous said...

We always dreamed of a cabin in the north GA mountains but John's health made us decide to retire here. We have the best of both worlds BUT we sure did love touring some nice cabins! The views you have shared are so nice.

Arlene said...

Thanks Linda...I wear a lot of black and white in the summer time. Gina...there will be no outhouse at our cabin so come and visit when it is done! Mildred, you come would not be a long drive for you!

Karen said...

This brings back great memories of Georgia when I was a child! We used to find Indian arrowheads in North GA! I love the view from the porch in your photos!