Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to the Morning Posts

Well I tried posting my blog entries in the evening but I have to admit, I am a creature of habit so I am going back to morning posts. I think my mind is more organized in the morning!

Decatur's best kept secret is the Used Book Room at the public library. The Friends of the Library keep it stocked with all sorts of books that a reader can purchase. Priced from ten cents to three dollars, it is hard for this reader to leave the Book Room without a book under my arm! You never know what you will find there as the Book Room relies on donations from the public as well as cast offs from the library. Last year the Friends of the Library raised enough money to replace some carpeting in the library. They also donate a portion of the funds to purchasing new books. Several of my friends volunteer their time, pricing and shelving books there. When I no longer have Nana duty, I hope to volunteer as well.

The other day I was browsing the aisles when I came across this book,

Well I have always admired Linda Dano. Years ago when I watched soaps, I loved her as Felicia on Another World.  She was always so stylish. In the last several years I have seen her on QVC as she has her own line of home goods. I have never purchased any of her line but I always like to hear her ideas for decorating.

This book is about 20 years old but as it is about timeless style, I have learned a lot from reading it. Well I guess I can say, I felt vindicated in my fashion choices!!  At 60, I am finally learning that I am not a "frilly" girl. I love pretty feminine clothing but I am the more tailored type. In fact, I recently went through my closet and got rid of a lot of fashion mistakes.  And while we are on this topic, I am reading lots of blogs about Fashion over 50.  Some of these ladies must be delusional if they think they can wear the same things they wore in their 20s and 30s.  Skin and muscle tone just change as you get older even if you do careful about showing off those bare arms! I have a rule that I only bare my arms around family.:) Or if you want to bare them, use a little shrug or a wrap. And bare legs are big now as well. Varicose and spider veins are not the best look for anyone so watch that too!! Ok, now that I have offended everyone, let's move on!  Linda Dano also recommends having a wardrobe that has about ten select pieces that can be mixed and matched. Another fashion forward older star is Jamie Lee Curtis. I read a magazine article about her style choices and she revealed she only has white, black and khaki in her closet! I would not go that far as I like color but it works for her and everything can be mixed and matched successfully.

As for make up...that changes too as you get older. I read that for ladies over 50, you should focus on your eyes or your mouth. In other words, let the 80s stay in the 80s. I have found on my own that eye make up can be aging as that skin begins to sag a bit. I do not want to look like Carol Burnette in the Sunset Boulevard spoof on her old tv show.  I wear some eye liner on my bottom lids, add mascara and that is it.  I do still have good lips...I have been blessed with plump lips that were not fashionable when I was a teenager in the 70s!  I am happy to have them now and I choose to use lipstick to focus on that area. Also being gray headed, I need some color in my face. I use just a small amount of creme blush...The Balm is my preferred brand.  I have found that powder blush is not your friend as your skin ages.

And Hair....I think most women struggle with their hair. It is a love hate relationship!  There is the  temptation to just chop it off, and I have done that!! ( hissy fit June 2014) But I realize that my hair does better with some length and a bob is probably going to be my hairstyle for the rest of my days.  And I am always going to have to flat iron it into submission! I have a sis in law who has beautiful thick auburn hair and she can just wash her hair and let it air dry! Wouldn't that be lovely?  If I air dry my hair, it is a wavy, crazy mess.   I have found some products that help but they are not miracles in a bottle

One site on Facebook that I have enjoyed is Fifty Not Frumpy.  She is also on Instagram. She puts together very pretty age appropriate clothing and I do enjoy her style. Covered Perfectly is another site that I have followed on Instagram.

So do you have any beauty hints for the Baby Boomers? We are listening!


Cranberry Morning said...

I have always loved the used book room at libraries. I can't tell you how many books I purchased really cheap from those rooms as I was homeschooling. Tips? I'd say drink lots of water and don't believe what the mirror says. LOL

Julie's Lifestyle said...

I loved your beauty post today! I remember Linda Dano too and love how pretty and stylish she always looked! I too like writing my posts in the am!
Have a nice day and stay cool!

Arlene said...

Judy, I am with you!! I do drink lots of water and I try to avoid I just think all Americans show too much skin these days. Julie, I am just a morning person I guess. I used to work the 7 to 3 shift and I liked getting up early, getting my job done and having a bit of the afternoon to do as I pleased.

Sandy said...

You must have read my mind. I already shared my haircut that I am still hating. Hoping like crazy for it to grow fast. I too have let my hair be natural...I like to call it silver..sounds better:) I look better with a lengthy bob, and yes, I have to straighten mine as well.
The other thing that hit me last night was the makeup. I tend to not wear any around the house, but I had to go out last night, and it hit me that I needed to make some changes. My eyelashes are so bare. I am thinking that is meds. I used to have such thick ones. I think my eye makeup is dragging me down. I will be making some changes there.
And, I have visited the Frumpy not Fifty website. She does have some nice outfits, but I could never wear her heels with my rheumatoid arthritis:)
I just unloaded my closet of a bunch of clothes last week.

Hey, we really may be soul sisters:)

Arlene said...

Sandy...we are!! I am not a heels girl either. I have some stacked heels but no more stilettos. It seems that our center of gravity changes as we age and those shoes are just dangerous as well as being uncomfortable. I guess I need a site like gives me ideas for outfits. Really I need garanimals for

Anonymous said...

I never watched Another World. As the World Turns was the one my mother watched (and me too)! That actress looks like someone from ATWT but it isn't. I think that haircut was popular back then.

I bare my arms for anybody (lol) but maybe I shouldn't?

Mari said...

I buy books at the library too - such a deal!
Lots of good advice here today!

Terri D said...

No advice from me, but I have enjoyed reading all of the good advice here!!

Arlene said...

Gina, I believe that Linda Dano was on ATWT at one time. I think she mentions that in this book. My mother watched ATWT and Search for Tomorrow when I was a girl. Then we started watching Another World when it debuted. As for the arms...I leave that up to you!!lol... Mari...I am slowly creating my own library thanks to the Used Book Room.:) Terri, I just get so sad when I see older ladies who refuse to admit to their age. They really should embrace it and step up and be role models for the young women. To me, true beauty is on the inside and I am thankful for all the beautiful women like you who stop by and visit me at Nanaland.