Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fall, Anyone?

While out and about last week I was happy to see some fall merchandise making it's way to the local stores! With a week of 100 degree temps, the thought of an autumnal day is so refreshing.( Notice I used Martha's word, Autumnal....I am classy that way!!).

I was in Kohl's doing some back to school shopping for my grands when I came across the new Yankee Candle scents for fall.

This was my favorite scent of those on display! Across the Pond.

Auburn Leaves...great for all the Auburn University fans here in Alabama.( Roll Tide!)

Pumpkin Berry would be daughter Amelia's favorite...she has always loved the pumpkin spice scent.

And here is a Thanksgiving Table at Cracker Barrel.


Who can resist Snoopy? The Charlie Brown characters seem to be making a come back with the Charlie Brown movie coming out on November says Google.

I love Jack o Lanterns!! I have promised to down size my Fall Display this year but I feel my resolve crumbling!!

How about you? Longing for the pretty fall colors and cool breezes??


Linda said...

Absolutely, I am looking forward to fall!!!! 44 days and a wake up!!
Buying that one piece of new furniture has turned the house upside down what with cleaning and moving and shifting furniture from one room to another - it's all a mess! Still, it will be nice to have all this cleaning done and I can start the fall decorating with a clean palette!!!
So does Cracker Barrel have all their fall stuff out now????

Arlene said...

I love your new secretary Linda!! It is so pretty. Yes Cracker Barrel does have out all their fall things here right now! As I said in the post, I was not going to get out all of my DEBRIS as Louis Dean calls it!(That always makes me laugh!!) but I just love it so!! And I ordered a new gingerbread house for Christmas so I guess I am not going to be downsizing Christmas either!lol

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, I think if I visit the stores and see all of the fall stuff I'm going to get nervous! I LOVE summer and the easy going days and the beach and just spending time with my daughter without us rushing around! I do enjoy and love fall too! I love those candles but I can't believe Halloween decorations already? LOL! Wishing you a wonderful day.
Julie xo

Anonymous said...

I love Autumn. Pumpkin spice is one of my fav scents. My dad passed away on Oct. 31, so I no longer decorate for Halloween etc. (of course, I don't have grandchildren either.) Cracker Barrel always has such pretty things in their gift shop. We have really struggled with heat/humidity in the last few days!

Arlene said...

Julie, I love my grands but I am about ready for school to start(Aug 12) and I think they are ready to go back!!:) Mildred I am so tired of the hot weather but I tell myself that in the winter I will wish it was hot. I try to think of cool fall breezes as I walk!!

Anonymous said...

Your post has given me hope! The summer seems endless. I haven't been shopping lately but perhaps I will go on Thursday. Hooray for autumnal (how do you pronounce that?) stuff!

Terri D said...

I'm still loving summer. Fall will be here before we know it though. I don't have little ones anymore. Our youngest grand goes off to college next month. Not too many decorations here. Cracker Barrel does a great job with their merchandising!!

Arlene said...

Gina...every now and then we get a bit of a break in August... and there will be some fall like weather.( temos in the 80s instead of 100) This hot summer is abnormal for most of us. In the south you say it...AW TUM am sure Martha is cringing as we speak!! Terri, when I look at Kendall I see the years speeding by...she is starting to look like a pre teen. Even when I do not have grands visiting me I will still decorate I think as it is just fun for me. I am a kid at heart! And Cracker Barrel tempted me to purchase a fall decor item for my giveaway!!